Empower Patients to Screen Themselves for Oral Cancer

Heather Schneider, DDS   The number of oral cancer cases and deaths in the United States is concerning. The American Cancer Society estimates that 54,010 people will get oral cancer in 2021, and 10,850 of those people will die. How can we, as dentists—explorers of the chops, preservers of the nutritional portal—step in and stomp this number […]

I talk teeth; my team talks money: Patients ownership and case acceptance

  Before a patient decides to move forward with dental treatment, two things must be in place: ownership/understanding of one’s oral health, and finances. Dr. Stacey Gividen examines case acceptance from the perspectives of the patient and the doctor/team. Author-Stacey L. Gividen, DDS I’m going to be very blunt in regard to this topic because […]

Training Program Aims to Meet Dental Assistant Shortage

The Boston University Henry M. Goldman School of Dental Medicine (GSDM) nine-week dental assisting training program is designed to meet the rising demand for dental personnel. It graduates between 12 and 20 dental assistants each year. “They’re there to help the dentist by anticipating their needs, preparing for procedures, and, if they’re a good assistant, […]

What to do when dentist thinks COVID is a ‘joke’

Author – India R. Chance, BSDH, RDH, Michelle Strange, MSDH, RDH This dental team member is frustrated about her dentist-boss not taking COVID-19 seriously. She feels the team and patients are not receiving the protection they deserve because of his nonchalance. What can she do? As dental hygienists who also serve as consultants, we’ve heard […]

How to ethically attract more new patients online

By: Grace Rizza By learning to avoid the most common digital marketing mistakes, dentists can create an ethical and effective plan. When seeking oral health care, millions of Americans, knowingly or unknowingly, turn to search engines and digital ads to assist in choosing a dentist. Besides word of mouth marketing, digital marketing is the most […]

How to Help Seniors Access Dental Care in the United States

By: Shana Aguilar For many seniors, serious dental concerns and a loss of dental care can emerge at the same time. Seniors often experience some of the most severe dental issues of their life, with unique concerns emerging such as complications from dentures and tooth loss as well as increased risks of thrush, gum disease, […]

How to Smile Through A Mask and Build a Great Patient and Team Experience

By: Angela Davis Sullivan Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, many of the teams I work with have been having problems relating to their patients and to each other. Everyone is stressed and nervous. Increased social distance has caused increased emotional distance. Suddenly, the practice isn’t a great place to be. It’s scary and […]

History Can Provide Some Clues to the Future of Dentistry

Naren Arulrajah COVID-19 is a pandemic unlike anything we have experienced in modern times, creating almost surreal chaos in the dental community. It feels like we are in uncharted waters. And, in many ways, we are. However, it is not entirely unprecedented. We have faced health and financial crises before. Society, the economy, and the […]

CDC Updates N95 and Eyewear Guidelines for Dental Practices

By: Dentistry Today The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have updated their Guidance for Dental Settings, emphasizing the role of N95 masks and eyewear during some procedures, in addition to changes made for clarity. In areas with moderate to substantial community transmission, during encounters with patients who are not suspected of SARS-CoV-2 infection, the […]