Do you have a strategy for your dental practice?

Roger P. Levin, DDS Planning for the future is a very important step for dentists. Setting goals keeps the team motivated and focused. What are your long-term goals? Setting them up is easier than you think. Levin Group research shows that practices performing in the top 10% nearly always have a defined strategic plan. What’s […]

Handling dental patient cancellations and no-shows

Heather Colicchio There are ways to discourage dental patients from canceling and becoming no-shows, and ways to handle those who repeatedly do not make their dental appointments. This article originally appeared in Dental Office Manager Digest e-newsletter. Subscribe to this informative monthly ENL designed specifically for the dental office manager here. As dental office managers, […]

A business philosophy for a successful dental practice: Going lean

Dr. Roger P. Levin As competition rises in dentistry, it’s more important than ever before for practices to develop a business philosophy that allows them to become and remain successful. To that end, I firmly believe in a concept that I refer to as “Lean Dentistry.” It’s an excellent business approach for dental practices looking […]

Best Practices for Dentists to Soothe Patient Dental Anxiety

Kate Harveston Dental anxiety is very real. Furthermore, avoiding the dentist due to this anxiety can lead to worse outcomes down the road, not only for the patient’s teeth but in other areas of the body as well. Despite the risks, some dentists don’t spend much time thinking about how to alleviate anxiety in their […]