Trends and challenges that will reshape the dental profession-and what you should do now

The staffing crisis, expansion of DSOs, burnout-all challenges that could change the dental profession permanently. Roger Levin discusses short- and long-term strategies that can help ensure a successful future. Roger P. Levin, DDS Dentistry, like all industries, is going through a continual and rapid transformation. As this change occurs, there are emerging trends and challenges […]

The malpractice implications of prescribing opioids for dental pain

Dentist run the risks of both civil litigation and criminal penalty when prescribing opioids without taking the proper precautions. Dr. Eric S. Bornstein explains how to predictably and safely prescribe opioid medications. Eric S. Bornstein, DMD The practice of prescribing opioids as a first-line analgesic for dental pain is thoroughly engrained in many dentists’ thought […]

Dental Teams Must Play a Role in Communicating Treatment Possibilities

Ms. Engelhardt-Nash There are influential moments when opportunities occur to discuss and validate your treatment options with patients. Finding occasions to introduce and sustain the perception of quality care is the responsibility of every team member. From vital social media exposure to the initial moment of telephone contact and post-treatment continuing care visits, the team […]

Why soldering remains important in dental technology

Ivoclar Vivadent How often do you solder? Have you ever asked yourself how important soldering is in the overall context of dental laboratory work – and which requirements are essential to achieve a successful soldering result? If you have, then you may find this background information insightful. Come with us on a journey through the […]

Materials Accountability Standards Matter

Eric Thorn, Esq. Many clearly recognize the importance of requiring dental laboratories to disclose to the dentist the point-of-origin and the material content of materials used in dental restorations as the accuracy of this information is essential to protect the patient safety. What many don’t recognize is that most states lack basic minimum standards for […]

A Little Communication Goes A Long Way

Steve Killian, CDT We all know how busy the dentist and staff are in a successful practice.  As a matter of course, those practices work with successful and reputable dental laboratories.  The trend follows because of the need for expert technical assistance from the most experienced dental technician/technologist in the laboratory.  The dental technologist is […]

Dentists and Technicians in Sync on Biggest Challenges

LMT Communications, Inc. LMT asked dentist-participants in our 2018 Dentist Survey to rank the challenges they assume laboratory owners face. Interestingly, they were correct in choosing the top two, saying a lab’s biggest struggles are hiring competent staff (which lab owners ranked as their #2 problem) and making do with inadequate work by clients (which labs ranked as […]

Why Dentists Switch Laboratories

LMT Communications, Inc. In LMT’s joint survey with Dental Economics, 46% of dentists say they’ve switched their primary laboratory—meaning the one they use most often—in the last five years. Here’s what leads them to end laboratory relationships and what they look for next time around. The more things change, the more they remain the same: while dentistry […]

5 Dental Market Trends Labs are Facing Head On

LMT Communications, Inc. The landscape of the dental industry is ever-changing: demographic shifts, business model transitions and technological evolutions present new opportunities and challenges for dentists and laboratories alike. Proactive laboratories are making a point to stay on top of these trends, setting themselves up to be invaluable resources to their clients as well as […]

Keeping New Year’s Resolution Is As Easy As 1,2,3!

123Dentist It’s officially New Year’s resolution season and perhaps you have decided that this is the year to get in gear and improve an area of your life. According to Twitter Canada, most Canadians are making New Year’s resolutions to lose weight, eat better, and unplug from electronics. While these are great goals to have, […]