Best Practices for Dentists to Soothe Patient Dental Anxiety

Kate Harveston Dental anxiety is very real. Furthermore, avoiding the dentist due to this anxiety can lead to worse outcomes down the road, not only for the patient’s teeth but in other areas of the body as well. Despite the risks, some dentists don’t spend much time thinking about how to alleviate anxiety in their […]

Dentist Marketing Strategies: How to Optimize Your Website for Local SEO

Dentists market to the public for a niche healthcare service. Learn how to target your niche dental demographic and gain new clientele from dentist marketing. With 97% of consumers now using search engines to find local businesses, you’re going to need more than postcard mailers to reach your audience. It’s time to take your dental marketing online. […]

How to motivate people to visit the dentist more often

Luke Worlie Whether it’s a routine exam or treating an existing acute dental issue, dental professionals often have a difficult time conveying the importance of routine and timely dental care. Despite the plethora of studies connecting dental health to overall health and well-being and all the cutting edge dental technology advances that have been made […]

13 Things That Dentists Can Do To Improve Customer Retention

  Every dentist understands that retaining patients is cheaper than finding new ones. What you could be unaware of is that this claim is backed up by research. An article by the Harvard business review states that the cost of getting new a patient is between five and 25 times costlier than retaining a current client. Numbers […]

Managing the Rising Trend of Adult Orthodontic

Gerald S. Samson, DDS How many times have you heard adult patients bemoan about how they didn’t wear their retainer when they were younger? According to the American Association of Orthodontists, more than 1.4 million adults in the United States sought orthodontic treatment in 2014 alone. With advances in treatment options in recent years, that number […]

Keeping New Year’s Resolution Is As Easy As 1,2,3!

123Dentist It’s officially New Year’s resolution season and perhaps you have decided that this is the year to get in gear and improve an area of your life. According to Twitter Canada, most Canadians are making New Year’s resolutions to lose weight, eat better, and unplug from electronics. While these are great goals to have, […]

Conference Tackles the Value of Sleep Dentistry

Dentistry Today With the one-year anniversary of the ADA policy on treating sleep-related breathing disorders upon us, many educational conferences are now being organized around the topic of dental sleep. However, in October, the Sleep Education Consortium (SEC) held its 14th annual conference in Houston, Texas on this topic. Triple board-certified neurologist Jerald Simmons, MD, has been bringing together dentists […]

The Systemic Movement and Behavior of Periodontal Pathogens

Traci Warner, RDH The concept of sterile blood no longer exists. Bacteremia occurs when pathogens enter the bloodstream. Many microbes simply enter the bloodstream transiently. They are shed from the primary biofilm found in the mouth by chewing or routine dental hygiene at home. Higher concentrations of pathogens enter the blood by invasive dental procedures, […]