Dentist Marketing Strategies: How to Optimize Your Website for Local SEO

Dentists market to the public for a niche healthcare service. Learn how to target your niche dental demographic and gain new clientele from dentist marketing.

With 97% of consumers now using search engines to find local businesses, you’re going to need more than postcard mailers to reach your audience. It’s time to take your dental marketing online.

But you don’t need to reach the whole online world with your digital marketing efforts. You’re marketing a very specific trade to a very limited local area.

And to reach such a specific target audience takes very specific marketing. If you want consistent success with your local target demographic, you need to stop using such general marketing strategies and hone in.

In this guide, we’ll teach you how to optimize your dental practice website for local SEO. But for your site to reach your unique audience, you need something unique to offer. We’ll show you how to do that too.

For success in your local area, read these online dentist marketing and SEO tips.

Who are You?

Before you even think about SEO, let’s talk about branding. Without proper branding, you’re sending the wrong message to your audience. If this message has no value, all your advertising and site optimizing efforts fall flat.

Other dentists in your area are vying for the same percentage of the same target audience you are. So why should patients choose you? What makes you so special?

If you don’t know the answer, neither will your audience see any reason to choose you. You must have something to offer that the other dentists in your area don’t.

Surely there’s something you offer that gives you bragging rights over the competition. If not, come up with something.

Thoroughly research all your competition to see where their services are lacking, from a patient’s point of view. See if their scheduling is too limited, their staff is unfriendly, or their waiting room is too boring for kids.

Then, where they fail, you aim to succeed. Make these aspects of your practice notably better than theirs. Then, in all the ways they lack, you can advertise how great your practice is.

In short, develop the best ways your practice is unique and advertise the heck out of them. That’s how you establish a noteworthy brand in the eyes of your local community.

Market to the Right People

There’s another, scarier side to branding, though. When making a name for yourself, be careful not to build a brand no one cares about. That is to say, make sure your unique advantages over the competition are actually relevant to your local audience.

Maybe your office is really great with kids. But if you operate in a retirement community with very few children, that probably won’t do you much good.

On the other hand, that could mean the minority of families with children don’t have a local dentist that meets their needs. And they could be a large enough audience to sustain your business. By marketing to them, you might reach a niche audience your competition is neglecting.

The key, here, is to know your audience. Research who populates your community.

If there’s a demographic that isn’t getting enough attention, consider being the answer to their specific needs. See if they’re a large enough patient base to support your practice.

Based on this information, see which of your best attributes is the most marketable. The ideal is to be as specific in your niche as possible provided the target audience is large enough.

Rebrand Your Practice

Now that you know your competition and your target audience, you know exactly where your unique skills fit in. This is the basis of your rebrand.

Now your practice needs a new voice and a new face that conveys your new identity. Find a voice your target audience can identify with for use in your advertising campaigns.

Hire a competent, experienced graphic designer, preferably a rebranding expert to give your local practice a facelift. You’ll need a customized look that effectively communicates who you are to your audience in one glance of your logo. Conveying this through mere design and color scheme requires a marketing design expert.

Rebrand Your Website

Most importantly, apply this design and voice overhaul to your website as well.

If you don’t have a custom website, it’s important you invest in one. A template-based website looks the same as a thousand other nondescript websites your audience has seen before. It makes you look generic, not unique.

And, as we said, it takes an expert to convey your unique business identity to your audience through design. Since you spent your college years studying dentistry, it’s unlikely you’re also an expert in design. As such, it’s doubtful the design of your DIY template site will ever click with your audience like you hope.

Hire an acclaimed web designer to make you a custom site. Look for one with a proven track record of success in building custom sites for local businesses. Check references to be sure.

While you’re at it, make sure they don’t only design without building it, as some web designers do. You want the full package: a custom design, fully built and applied to your published website. Also, see that they show you how to update it when necessary.

Lastly, it helps hugely if they also specialize in SEO so much of the on-page optimization is already taken care of.

Your Rebrand Should Cost More Than Advertising

We know your budget is limited, maybe very limited. So don’t think we’re suggesting you simply outsource all of your marketing issues.

But as we said before, proper branding is essential to advertising success. All advertising efforts you might invest in won’t be as successful without it.

Investing in your rebrand should be your budgetary priority. Afterwards, your ad campaigns are set up for success. Then you’ll earn a bigger ROI on any campaigns you do sink your marketing budget into.

Cheap SEO

That said, immediately after your rebrand, you’ll be out a pretty penny. Lucky for you, then, that many of the best SEO options are free or very, very cheap.

Online Directories

First, get your correct business/contact information on as many online directories as you can, especially Google My Business. It’s free and it’s enormously instrumental for getting you listed in local search results. You can optimize your listing for local searches within Google My Business and even appear in map search results.

Even companies without a website will show up in local search results if listed in Google My Business. And it allows interested patients to see user reviews of your practice. A higher star rating will definitely give you an edge over your competition.

A Hyperlocal Dental Blog

Next, start a dental blog on your site that you update at least once a week. Use free keyword research tools like Google Search Console to find the popular search terms related to dentistry in your area.

Then, write valuable, informative blog posts on those topics to answer the questions your local audience is asking.

Be sure to include hyperlocal terms and phrases in your content. That means using location names or other information that is most relevant to your local target audience. This should really boost your success over your local competition in search results.

Topic Landing Pages

Landing pages are basically seperate homepages for each topic of your blog. They act as a central hub for the topic with helpful links to more information plus a contact form.

These are huge for both SEO and conversion. There’s a lot of good information on setting up landing pages for your dental website in this article.

Pay-Per-Click Google Ads

Google Ads are ads that appear as search results in the top spot of the search results page. There are two amazing advantages to using Google ads to draw people to your website.

For one, you only pay when someone clicks the link to your website, so you know you’re getting your money’s worth. For two, these ads, like your Google My Business listing, can be optimized for local Google searches. You can set your ads to appear specifically in local search results, so you know you’re reaching the most relevant audience.

Onward, to Dentist Marketing Success!

It won’t do to generally optimize your site if no one in your local area cares what you have to say. Your relevence in local searches starts with your actual relevance to local patients.

Use the steps above to optimize your practice and your website for online dentist marketing success.

Next, learn How to Increase Your Brand’s Online Footprint.

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